Hi!  This website is the creation of Tim and Irene Moss.  We are real people who live in Killeen, Texas.  It's not OFFICIALLY  "The Middle of Nowhere", but you CAN ALMOST see it from here.  Fine by us.  If yer in the area, y'all are welcome to come visit.  We'll show you around.  

We sell tattoo supplies mostly to professional tattoo and piercing shops and also run another website, "MOM & POP'S TATTOO SUPPLY ZONE".  Check it out -- and drop an email to ask for a FREE PLUG for your site -- we're always happy to  acknowledge your  good work and support... we couldn't do it without  y'all.

  We moved out to these parts from Olympia, WA in 2005 to enjoy more sunshine and less rain.  Irene is a homemaker, my wife, best friend,  and "the brains of the outfit" when it comes to the business end of  our business.  I drive the van, lift heavy objects, manage the website, and do a few other little things mostly.  Besides getting/having tattoos we enjoy using  computers, watching bad movies, traveling on our Yamaha V-Star 1300 trike, visiting old cemeteries, cooking together (especially outdoors), and  playing with our cats.

Irene and I,  as a married couple, are indeed living a TATTOOED  ADVOCATES lifestyle and  we're hoping to help  you (and those you care about) also get the best tattoos you can... ones that can perhaps mean a lot, or, just be plainly goofy.  We enjoy tattooing each other as it's "our thing" to share between just the two of us, whatever we like.  And whatever YOU like is OK because when it comes to tattoos, we always say "There's no accounting for tastes."  'Nuff said.  When YOU do your own work, YOU have control. 

Tattoos can bring all sorts of people together in a friendly, positive way.  We're here to help you begin doing your OWN work, with your OWN equipment -- because we know those experiences are what will remain as the best memories you'll keep for many years from now, besides the tattoos themselves.  

Tattoos... shared tattoos... are for FRIENDS, FAMILY, LOVERS, FREAKS, GEEKS and more!  We'll stand by you as you discover and learn the joys of participating in this ancient "Sort-Of-Socially-Acceptable Tribal Bonding" ritual-- and of course, have fun doing/being/having  tattoos.  You know you've wanted at least one tattoo.  Join our Family?


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